Blog Update

Hey there, Tumblr people! Admin Stitch dropping by to day hi!

Been noticing a lot of new followers around here lately. While I don’t mean to discourage you, just wanted to let you know that this blog is severely inactive. I apologize to you and our long time followers for that, Life got in the way. I graduated College and became a WDW Cast Member, Sarah graduated Grad School and became an awesome teacher, etc. )

I’ve felt bad for the lack of activity on this blog for a while though, and am thinking about reviving it for a short while. I need a pet project, something I can work on for a few minutes a day and de-stress.  I found some old caps on my computer that were never posted, and I might spend some time in the next few days throwing them in the queue for you.

I am making no promises. I and the other admins have full time jobs. Please don’t pester them, for I am the one going out on a limb and doing this. However, if you would like, hit up the Request Page, and leave me something new to work on. You may see it before summer’s over. ;)

Added Bonus! You can always hit up my Personal and bug me over there. Happy Summer friends!

notalkingwhenyoulookstupid: I notice your character directory doesn't list Iago. Can you fix that?

It’s possible that he’s not listed because he’s not in any of our caps, but I’d be happy to add him and check that he’s tagged for you. :)

If anyone else notices any other characters that have been left out, please don’t hesitate to send an ask!

let-the-memories-beegin: Can you check out my Tumblr and say if you like it? (: If you could share it too (:

Technical Issues

Hey guys. It seams my posts have been going out without tags lately. Sorry about that. I’ve been out of town for a good portion of the past week and didn’t catch it. Posts will be on hold until I figure out if it’s user error or the queue being odd. Thanks for understanding.